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Safecodesoft proprietary products and tools to accelerate projects and ensure greater and quicker ROI.

Leveraging our decade-long experience in providing various IT services and solutions, we have built several products / tools to accelerate Implementation Projects, Upgrade Projects, Migration Projects, Solution enhancements, Incorporation of new modules/business processes, and Infrastructure monitoring. Currently, all these products and several more in the pipeline and at various stages of development are handled by Skyline Innovations – Kastech’s in-house product development division that comprises some of the brightest minds of our organization.

These products/tools add value to existing projects and ensure higher ROI within a short period of time. We have built these products and tools as technology agnostic, which means these tools are compatible with leading enterprise applications and technology platforms.

Core Services and Competencies

MigEZ – Data Conversion and Migration Tool

✓End-to-end Data Migration
✓Legacy Data Mapping Provisions
✓Robust Data Cleansing
✓Data Preparations & Validations
✓Handles Large Data Volumes
✓User Friendly Dashboards

SNAP – Server, Network, Application Performance Monitoring

✓Single platform/console for all round monitoring
✓Works with both on-premise and cloud applications
✓Real-time Alerts & Notifications
✓Monitoring through time series and logs
✓Easy to integrate across new applications and APIs

Data Cube – Data Analytics as-a-Service

✓Cost-effective & simpler alternative to licensed and on-premise data analytics solutions
✓Data Acquisition to Visualization & Interaction
✓Analytical Apps generating concrete data analytic workflows
✓Integrates with External Data Sources

IntiGrid – Intelligent Integration

✓Single scalable platform for all integrations
✓Built-in integration connectors
✓Easy-to-use, self service interface
✓Environment agnostic
✓One hub for all data
✓Unlimited data scaling

Leapfrog – Lift & Shift

✓Real time data analytics with no latency
✓Integrate with any enterprise application to extract the user activity
✓Interactive visualizations and dashboards
✓Requires no code on the application side

LogIQ – Analytics driven Data Platform

✓SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure
✓Predictive Maintenance & Service
✓SAP IoT Foundation
✓SAP Leonardo

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